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Sites of interest

Wikipedia has an entry for me which could be far more informative, if there is anything, or anyone, missing, feel free to add to it - that's the whole point of the site

Stephen Jones Millinery is a great creative force and a collaborator on many wonderful shoots, as well as being the source of hats for Dior, Galliano, and fashion designers too numerous to mention

Reptile aka Matt Hughes. the "Late Night Tales" classic collection is our latest collaboration.

Apple is the company that changed how I viewed the computer. I had bought a laptop in the early 80's which had a capacity of 64Mb MAX and could not even load Word..... That machine, which cost a fortune (and which I will present to the museum for joke machines, one day) put me off computing for over 15 YEARS!! Apple brought me back to the fold

TDR run by the inspirational Ian Anderson, has been a co-conspirator in the photography & design of many a sleeve, ad campaign and club poster over the years. Always fun

Bluish are the designers of this site, and able to concoct anything for anyone. Check them out

More to come later...